Saturday, August 1, 2009

Songs by Ken Brown

I never do this, copy stuff from other blogs or just post a link, but never say never, because here is an exeption. I have been wanting to hear this song again for years and finally found it:

the song –>How Can I Keep From Singing–from the CD ‘letters from home’, 1997 (NHC 401)

But before I found that old song, I found this wonderful new song and want to share it with you too:

the song–>These Are the Times from the CD ‘The Long View’, 2006 (LV001)

This is the blog entry where the first song resides: Songs and Tunes–How Can I Keep From Singing . You can click on the 'songs' tag at the bottom and follow it to other songs, new and old, by Ken Brown and pretty soon, you will be a 'huge fan' too!

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one of my favorits: