Monday, October 5, 2009

Flower Sex Parts

Remember you can click on the photo to make it really really big!


goprairie said...

In the pink begonia, the center shows that this flower is a female. Male flowers and female flowers are separate but appear on the same plant at the same time. This makes it about equally likely that pollen dropped on the female flower will come from the same plant or a different plant.
The blue is chicory, and the curly part sticking out of the tube is a female part. The tube is fused male parts that will ripen and open to reveal pollen later, only after the female part is pollinated, by pollen from a different flower. The white flower has female parts on top, and male parts below. Since pollen of conspicuous flowers is not airborn, this means that as an insect crawls in for nectar, it will pollinate the flower with pollen grains from a flower previously visited first, then pick up pollen from this flower.

Chuckles said...

Georgia had an eye for this stuff too...


Finally, why would "God" bother?