Sunday, March 28, 2010

All of Us

To my left, a table of dancers
and physical therapy students.
Talk of injuries and recovery,
grants and sponsors,
strategies for getting credits to graduate,
the fate of an absent student,
the challenge of learning a new dance assignment.
In front of me to the right a bit,
engineering and science majors.
Passing a calculator across the table,
a golf game being set up for tomorrow,
the cost of tickets for a dance,
which problems are included in a certain homework,
advice to avoid a certain difficult instructor.
Very different people, very different areas they study,
very different conversations,
so it goes for a while as I read my book,
but then
both tables are talking about
inertia, momentum, movement in time,
using the same words with the same meanings.

One experiences it in their dance,
the other studies it in their equations.
What they have in common are
the forces we all move through
known and unknown.
We all share
Care for each other.
Another student arrives,
I offer them the extra chair at my table,
they thank me with smiles
and for a moment
we are all one people,
sharing one moment,
dancers, engineers, visiting mom.


Friko said...

why do you have no comments? Do you not visit other bloggers?
I came across your blog via 'next blog' and although I've only scrolled down two posts I find them both very interesting and well written. I also had a quick look at 'fear itself'.
I don't mean to sound patronising but I can't understand that nobody is commenting on these posts.

goprairie said...

because i write for a very small audience and we often discuss things via email after a post? because i don't make any effort to publicize this thing? because i write for a few and don't care about hits?