Thursday, March 27, 2014

Eagle Cams in Late March 2014

When I was a kid, in the era of bad chemicals, on a plain that used to be prairie, there were birds that were rare and others that were only seen in books and on television nature shows.  The bald eagle was one such bird.  We had a few hawks, not many, but  no eagles at all.  It was many years later that my dad would tell of them migrating through, eatting the dead fish after flood waters returned to the banks of the river, and still later, of a few that stayed around to fish and hunt across the county.  And most recently, a brother-in-law there in the former prairie land had a nest in a tall cottonwood tree maybe a mile from his farm home.  I guess they were common on the prairie, preferring to fish the lakes and rivers but also taking an occasional small mammal or even a bird from the air, and certainly, helping clean up some of the carrion left by natural death, the predation of others, and probably, that left by native people.  Yet, an impoverished childhood, bird of prey-wise, means I never fail to get excited and joyously happy by a sighting of an eagle or an eagle family out there over the Wisconsin hills.  And I dearly love to visit these live webcams of nesting eagles.  I put their links here as a way to find them when I need a little bit of eagle love.  And I share them with you!

Some cams are closer to the nest, some are farther away, some are better maintained, some have annoying ads, some have young already, some have eggs, some are still awaiting eggs, some have dead fish and other parts of dead prey animals, some have car traffic in the background, some sway noticeably in the wind and actually make me a little motion sick!  Enjoy!

Decorah, Iowa Eagle cam

Central Minnesota Eagle cam

Tennessee Eagle Cam

Davenport, Iowa Eagle cam

Florida Eagle cam

Twin Cities Eagle Cam

Maryland Eagle cam

Wisconsin Eagle cam

Duke Farms New Jersey Eagle Cam

Pennsylvania Eagle cam

Georgia Eagle cam

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