Saturday, September 13, 2008

Time to Move On

That book you are holding onto is over. It is time to put that old book down. Take a deep breath and turn the page. There it is: The very last page of the story, the page that says 'The End.' Read those words and be brave now. Pause for a minute, close that book, and lay it aside. It is done. History. The past.
Now, reach for that other one over there, the beautiful new one, and pick it up. Hold it for a minute. Run your hand down the spine and feel the crisp way the fabric of the cover wraps the corners. This is a good book filled with promise and hope. Take your time, but do have courage now and open it up and read on. It holds a new story of adventure, of opportunity, and new experiences. The future awaits you. Let it happen.

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