Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Apologies to Readers

Okay I took a break there. Yes, Gene, I violated the "Blog Every Day" rule. And I know that to even average once a day, I have some "catchin' up" to do! Never mind the details: I am back and I will even try to post ahead to cover the days I play with my kid over spring break. Some random facts: I got a new van. My Jeep is broken. I solved the problem about how to paint the larger scarves. The house is 'done' except for a million tiny details and the landscaping and the interior of the garage and . . . okay, it isn't really 'done' yet, but we can relax and live there with what is done now and the worst of the making big messes due to construction is over. My son got voted co-captain of his chess team for next school year. My other son got a 100% on a test this week. My friend got two cats. Another friend has to have her dog 'put down' on Friday. Another friend has barely missed being flooded more than once this winter. Another friend really does have a terrible disease. It was over 60 degrees yesterday, which I know because the new van has a thermometer on the dashboard. Today it was 17 degrees. 17 degrees is hard on a March day when it has been 60. I am going to teach at WomanSong 2009. Good things happen. Bad things happen. There are always more good things than bad things. Life goes on. Life is good.


Gene Redlin said...

Oh, You're forgiven. I check EVERY DAY.

I'm not bored. You do well at blogging and when you're not there you are missed.

goprairie said...

thanks - i needed that.