Friday, July 10, 2009

My Last Post Ever, Really

Stuffed up head. Sinuses clogged. Ears full. Eyes gooey. Too much for you to hear? TRY LIVING IT, WIMP! Fever. Sore throat. Losing voice. Cough. Sleepy. Can't sleep.
Had a prescription 'in case' this happened, but that only works if you can FIND the damn thing when you need it and you could get a replacement if only your doctor was not on VACATION. What was she THINKING? NOW!!! "Go to the local ER." Yeah, Get dressed, walk to the car, drive, cough and hack, wait and wait and wait, explain the symptoms to a strange doctor and lose voice again and cough. Until it looks like I am faking it to get meds? I don't think so. I hate this. I want my mommy. She would put a cool clean sheet on the sofa to keep the upholstery from scratching me and put a fresh pillowcase on my own bed pillow and bring me orange juice with a bendy straw and aspirin and chicken noodle soup with those tiny puffy crackers. Bring me a Trixie Beldon book to reread or close the curtians so I could nap. I hate being sick! I think I am going to die. Or worse. So this will probably be my last posting here. Will you miss me? Did I spell everything right?


Mom Cat said...

No, PLEASE DONT'T DIE!!!!! Of course, we'll miss you. Hang in there, we're all pulling for ya!

Chuckles said...

Oh, suck it up. You'll live.

Two words: Ny and Quill.

Oh, and a little jigger of whiskey.

Get well soon (whiner).

goprairie said...

A visit to the allergist and all is fixed. Or at least well on the way to being fixed. A doctor who knows you and knows what works and what does not is a wonderful thing indeed.