Wednesday, July 1, 2009

And Suddenly It Really Is Summer

There are flowers everywhere! The daylilies on all the corporate campuses and strip malls are in full smashing bloom. The elderberries and hydrangeas make foamy white on shrubs in landscapes and wild areas. Annual flowers like petunias and geraniums and marigolds in planters and hanging baskets and beds are in beautiful bloom. Oh, shut up about the mosquitoes that are freshly abundant; we are talking about good things here.
We waited out the long dark winter and the wet cold seemingly endless spring and now, for absolutely sure, it is truly summer. Stop and smell the roses whenever you are out there, although most of them in the modern landscape have lost their fragrance in the process of being bred to favor flower size. But at least pause now and then to appreciate the brilliant floral display that is going on, and maybe, as a favor to me, walk up to some flowers and take a look at them up really close, so that you can see the texture of the petals and look at the structure of the flower and maybe even touch it. Enjoy! There are flowers everywhere and they can make any day a little more cheerful if you take the time to let them.

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