Friday, December 4, 2009

My Amazing Enviable Life

The eyeglasses took a critical hit on vacation when I dropped my flashlight on them in the tent, resulting in a bend whose repair lead to the screw dropping out of the joint somewhere in the San Jose airport. A paperclip made a functional but hideous repair at which polite friends tried not to stare. So when I went to the optometrist for an exam and to order new glasses, I asked them if they would replace the paperclip with something less obvious so that I could look more professional for the special event at the gallery this weekend. They found a screw that would hold, at least for as long as it will take for the new glasses to arrive. In the process, one of the women admired my earrings and the one who had heard about my 'event' asked if jewelry was the kind of art I did for the gallery. I explained about the other media I work in and the optometrist himself then asked whose gallery I had this work in and I said "Mine." Eyebrows were raised and exclamations exclaimed and soon I was writing down the URLS for my websites and apologizing to the doctor if his employees were distracted after I left by looking at my art and that of my other artists online. They were obviously impressed and a bit envious of the whole thing, which left me wondering why it is that I am so much less enthusiastic and impressed at my "enviable life".

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Chuckles said...

Can't you see that God caused you to drop that flashlight and it may change your life forever?

I believe I've mentioned Burke's "Connections" before. I think you can get the whole series on DVD. Fascinating.