Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I am not

I am not a writer. My sister is a writer. She will cringe at my bad grammar and poor writing and crappy sentence structure – phrases that are not complete sentences - and terrible punctuation; and careless sppellling if she reads this. I probably won’t tell her about it. She is a far better writer. She is prettier and smarter and thinner and more talented and more successful and funnier too. I should tell her, now that I have written that. We aren’t the sort of people who actually give each other personal compliments like that. We aren’t huggers either. I might say “Nice sweater” and she might tell me that her friend liked my artwork. I’d never tell her all that good stuff to her face. But she is a great writer. She is a real writer. I am proud of my sister.


Paddle said...

I beg to differ. With all respect due your sister, you're an awesome writer. I'll bet she's just as proud of you as you are of her.

goprairie said...

there you go, always arguing . . . i did take a writing workshop at somansong, so you can expect more better soon