Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Things I Relearned Today

You can't be in South Dakota trying to help your mother get back on her feet after surgery and in Illinois making sure your son eats breakfast and has a ride home from chess club after school. You have to trust one of them to take care of . . . himself.

We need people. Sometimes it's friends we need and sometimes it is strangers we have not yet met. But we need to ask for help in order to get help.

Once in a while you can do everything right and things still turn out horribly wrong. But the only chance of a turnaround is to keep asking.


Paddle said...

Your son has a dad, right? Doesn't he help out when you are away?

goprairie said...

yes, he does, and i am sure that it is good for them to have time away from me to bond, so all is well, but that was kinda my way of saying i miss the kid dearly and feel torn. but thanks for the reminder!