Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Flowers Make Me Happy

You can have them any time of year. You can buy a bouquet or a single stem. It is a luxury that does not cost much. A yellow rose in a tall vase. Daisy mums in a bunch in a quart jar. Alstomeria is one of the least costly cut flowers and it lasts longer than most. These were on their seventh day. Look closely at their leaf. It grows attached to the stem upside down, with the smooth protective surface down and the surface where transpiration takes place through pores facing up. So the plant twists each leaf to right it. To me, yellow flowers are the ones that make me happiest, though alstromeria are rarely available in pure yellow like this. They are nearly as lovely in rosey pink, burgundy pink, and rosy purple.
Brighten a day and bring home flowers for yourself.

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