Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Not Just Nature

When the boys were young, we rode the commuter train. This is something we did every so often for fun, with no particular destination. It was interesting to see the towns we knew about for some other reason and note them as the train passed through. It was fun to recognize parks we’d been to or businesses or street intersections. It was intriguing to see the industry and the back doors of businesses and the storage yards, instead of the main streets we drove on or walked. It was especially fascinating to see the train switching points and the train yards with the stacked containers and sidelined boxcars. You see, it is my favorite thing to observe and enjoy and appreciate nature, but you can apply your observation skills to the richer enjoyment of any environment, natural or man made. You can, as we did, observe from a passing train or out your car window. You can observe the people in the store or at the restaurant. You can observe the structure and display units of the store and the workings of the checkout aisle and watch for glimpses into the goings on in the back rooms where meat is cut and bread is baked and boxes are unpacked. At work, you can observe the details of the d├ęcor of your boss’s office and your boss’s outfit and your boss’s face. Look at just a door and notice all the parts and textures and colors and shadow and light. By purposefully applying observation skills with all your senses, you can enjoy a more richly detailed life all day every day, indoors or in nature. It’s all there: Notice it!

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