Thursday, May 8, 2008


What is WomanSong? WomanSong is what people are made of. WomanSong is a gathering in North Dakota in the early fall, this year, 2008, on September 6 and 7. Somehow, last year the planners found out about my little gallery and asked me to teach some workshops and give a talk. It seemed like a bad business decision to agree to drive 700 miles one way to give some workshops and a talk for a weekend, but I ignored that voice and signed on. Was it worth it? Many times over. What is WomanSong? Women. Young women in funky cloths that express their independence and zest for life. Older women in practical comfortable cloths. Every age of woman from every sort of profession and every sort of personality and ideology and philosophy. Songs. Many talented musicians. Audience singing along sometimes. Drumming. Talks on the main stage. Sometimes serious and sometimes funny and often a mix of both. Workshops. Many going on simultaneously all over the park. Hands on. Stuff to make and take home. So much to learn. You have to be 3 or 4 copies of yourself to really take in all of what is offered. Plays. Movies. Art venders. Women camping. Women laughing. Women telling their stories. Women asking for help and women giving help. Bummed smokes. Hugs from old friends and friends you just met. Owls flying over the road at night. Coyotes howling far away. Last year WomanSong was rain. Wet shoes, wet socks, wet hair, wet chairs, wet grass, mud. And guess when the rain broke and the sun came out? 3 minutes before my talk in the big tent was to begin. I lost my audience to the sun and had to agree to give my talk outdoors at the picnic tables on the lawn in order to bribe them back. WomanSong was new friends and new ideas and new personal challenges and new inspirations. WomanSong was fire breathing dancers. WomanSong was poetry. WomanSong was stories. WomanSong was hot coffee. WomanSong was finding out you are smarter and better off than you thought. That other people have been in your shoes and made it just fine. You leave WomanSong a better person. You leave WomanSong a stronger woman. You leave WomanSong knowing people are good and kind and that you are too. You leave WomanSong feeling . . . important! WomanSong is amazing. You should go to WomanSong. You should gather up your tent and sleeping bag and your quest for fun and personal growth and head to North Dakota in September. It might seem silly to drive however many hundred miles you are from LaMoure, North Dakota, but it will be worth it. I’ve been to WomanSong and I am going again. See you there!

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