Saturday, June 21, 2008


My mother often had warm cookies waiting for us when we got home from school. Those chocolate cake ones with the creamy chocolate frosting or chocolate chip. It was one of my measures of good-motherhood and I failed. I tried it a couple times but I got distracted and burned them or lost interest before the cleanup was done and the mixing bowl sat unwashed for days. It was hot work and messy and I kinda resented it when people ate my handiwork. It was best to do the store bought cookie thing and take the kids to the park or bookstore instead. When the oldest one needed product for the orchestra bake sale, he was content to take things in the clear bubble pack from the grocery store bakery section or later, to package sugary breakfast cereal in plastic bags which were so popular with the kids that they allowed a 4x markup. But when the youngest needed things for the bake sale, he would have none of these 'cheater' shortcuts. The first time it came up, he had waited until the last minute when I was working, so I suggested he check with my friend to see if he could bake at her house. They had such a great time, it became their tradition. They bake together for bakes sales and at holidays. He now has the confidence to bake on his own as well, and even modifies recipes to his taste. It is wonderful to be blessed with a boy who loves to bake!

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Indeed! His gingersnap cookies are tasty!!