Sunday, June 8, 2008

Trash to Treasure

I was working at the gallery when a call came "Would your boys like a sailboat?" Now it hardly seems like the answer to that could be 'no' but really, there must be a catch. "It has a little hole in it but . . ." Turns out the owner was moving and didn't have room to store it and didn't really use it anymore due to problems with his back and it DID have a hole but my kids knew how to use epoxy and fiberglass because they make wood strip canoes and in fact had such supplies in our garage. We didn't know the owner. He was the friend of a friend of the friend who had called. He had arranged for a salvage service to pick it up but had learned a day earlier that it was gong to cost hundreds to have it hauled away. Then he had obtained permission to put it into his subdivision's dumpster but then found out he could not put it in whole and was in the process of securing a chain saw to cut it into pieces when the friend of the friend got involved and remembered the friend talking about my boys. So came the call. Their dad was at work not to be found to make this decision to take what could turn out to be a 14' x 5' x 2' chunk of garbage or an amazing gift. So I sent the boys to look it over and decide for themselves. And by the time I closed the gallery for the day, a 14' Sunfish with rudder, daggerboard, mast and intact sail were in my driveway.

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