Friday, June 27, 2008

I Built This

The nearest place to get treated lumber was almost all the way to Madison, where I measured the actual width of the boards available and figured out how much I needed on a scrap of paper atop a lumber display, then strapped it on top of the Jeep and headed home.

I'd been using the area as a patio but the plants kept growing up under the furniture and the table was tippy on the ground and the chair legs bit into the rocky soil.
I hauled the wood uphill and laid down a base first.

Floor boards went on top of that, and were screwed to the based layer where they crossed.
After the furniture is moved back in place, the little living area is ready for use. I have enjoyed many a sandwich out there and read many a book in the mornings before the gallery opens or in the evening when the shade and stone are cool and refreshing.

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