Sunday, January 18, 2009


When the world is white with over a foot of snow over all the ground for as far as you can see and the temps have been below zero for days and below freezing for weeks and the cold wind triggers your asthma and literally takes your breath away when you round the corner of the house out the back door, it is difficult indeed to believe in a green world. Flowers? Leaves glowing in the sunlight? Was it really like this and will it really be again? Am I crazy for remembering that it was once green and warm and alive with the buzzing of insects and chirping of birds? Faith is truly needed in times like these to keep us from going stark raving mad at the thought that life might always be cold and white. Faith that the world once was and will again be warm and green is what gets us through to the other side of winter.

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Paddle said...

Yes, it will get warm again. But rather look forward to the warm green world of the future, why not grow to love the cold, white we have now. The outside right now is beautiful in it's own way (you have shown us that with many fantastic pictures on this very blog). When was the last time you enjoyed a hot chocolate with a froth of marshmallow creme in the middle of the summer? When was the last time you cross-country skiied across a field in July. Take advantage of the weather we have now and enjoy it. Yeah, my back hurts from shoveling snow but that comes with the snow and it's "normal". Take pride in your hardy constitution. Enjoy the season. Spring will come soon enough.