Friday, January 30, 2009

Winter Mailboxes

Ah, the romance of a sparkling crystalline snow covered landscape, the beauty of the contrasts of white snow and dark branch. Oh, but there is a darker side to winter. The savagery and terror of the snow plow blade slamming the mailbox off its post, the brute force of the spray of snow as it spews from the side of the plow blade ramming the post and box to the side. Left leaning, twisted, bent, broken, snow covered, up to its neck, downed and missing, the poor mailbox on its post does not find winterto be a happy season at all.

Yes, this last is my own, missing its back due to the force of the sprayed snow from the city plows rushing past at speeds that would get mere citizens a hefty ticket for exceeding the limit.


Paddle said...

These are awesome pictures. They really capture the harsh environment the mailboxes live in. But I think having the back open (your last pic) is a good idea. It's much safer to get to the mail than walking out on to the street). Now if it just wouldn't blow full of snow or blow the mail out onto the street, it woulde be perfect.

goprairie said...

oh, sure, the city is going to send us a BILL now for 'Services Rendered: Enhancing Accessibility to Mail"