Monday, January 26, 2009

Spying on IKEA Customers With a Cell Phone Camera

I have been sitting on this photo for weeks. I have nothing to say. That pointy toe sticks out many inches beyond a normal cowboy boot and curls up! I bet he had these custom made. He chooses to wear them in public. His wife and child choose to accompany him when he wears them. Are they a secret code announcing to other secret members that he is a secret member of a secret leprechaun cowboy society in Idaho? Will they have to kill me now that I have figure that out? Really, can someone help me not be a little scared that this man 1) owns these boots and 2) wears them in public? Please, anybody?

1 comment:

Gene Redlin said...

IF I get boots like that, can I be a Leprechaun? A very LARGE Leprechaun albeit.