Sunday, January 11, 2009

Taking Out The Dock

There, in the lower right of the photo are the two people taking the dock out of the frozen lake. You might think that is a terrible idea. Well, due to the high water, it didn't get put in until well after the 4th of July, so we had to leave it in to get the season's use out it. Not buying that excuse? Too busy working on the house to get to it? Yeah, that IS more like what really happened. But if you wait too long into the fall, the water is really really cold to go in to. So if you wait even longer, the water is frozen solid so you can walk on TOP of it to take the wooden and aluminum platforms off. After you shovel the snow off them.
And you will notice the photo is from the top of the steps. No way I was going to go down those killer ice and snow covered steps just to get a better picture of the event. I might have gotten roped into helping once I was down there, too!

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