Sunday, March 9, 2008

Kentucky: The Bridge

The bridge is a suspension bridge. It sways when you walk on it. It has a wood slat floor and wire mesh sides. It is really long. It is high above the river. When I first went on the bridge many years ago, when I was afraid of both heights and water, it was terrifying. When I went backpacking with the Boy Scouts, our route crossed the bridge, and because I had been working on my fear of heights, it was my test to see if I had indeed succeeded in conquering that fear. I made the boys go over first so that I alone would be in control of the movement of the bridge and I even made them go ahead on the trail so that no one would be watching me. And I did it. I made it across with no panic, no fear! It was empowering and this photograph of the entrance of the bridge makes me smile. Because it reminds me of one fear conquered . . . and because I remember getting to the end of the bridge and having the boys congratulate me for making it across and admit that they were secretly watching and cheering me on! The bridge held me up on my journey across the river, but the support of my sons and their friends made me feel lighter than air!

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