Sunday, March 23, 2008

Perfect Day for the Zoo

Okay, let's say on Thursday you are making plans for Friday which is college boy's last day home on spring break and high school boy's school holiday and it is oh in the 50's maybe and the zoo seems like it might be a fun thing what with that recently purchased membership lanquishing on the front of the refridgerator, and let's say you wake up on Friday to find it is . . . well, snowing, and rather ambitiously at that. Would you, say, change plans to visit an indoor venue or just maybe cancel and stay home or send the boys to the climbing gym or oh, maybe take the day with everyone home to reorganize the 'library' in the guest room that spills over the bed and onto the floor, preventing the inviting of any guests? Nah, let's go to the zoo ANYWAY!

There, in the center of the picture, by the fence, could it be? YES, a SNOW leopard! You don't see THAT every day, now do you? A snow leopard in the snow!

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Mom Cat said...

Looks like you had a "cool" time at the zoo!