Monday, March 31, 2008

Finding Spring

Sometimes I get so tired of winter I say I am just going to drive south until I find it. This time, we flew east and found it! I am supposed to be at the capital getting smarter at the museums and more patriotic at the monuments but I am mainly just embarrassing my son by gushing about the plants. The cherries are in bloom, yeah, sure, and that is kind of a cliched thing to be delighted about (okay, I am) but there are trees here that are old and huge and it is a couple zones warmer than I am used to so there are things we try so hard to grow and they just look sad and here they flourish and it is just really truly spring here!
The pansies were planted in fall and return in the spring!

Huge urban trees!

Some historic and architectural wonder through a fog of magnolia blossoms!

Forsythia in full bloom!

Weeping cherry!


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