Thursday, March 20, 2008

Man-eating Plants, Prehistoric Creatures, and Living Fossils at Volo Bog

Okay, the man-eating plants are merely carnivorous pitcher plants that attract and digest insects, so no humans are in any danger. The prehistoric creatures are not teradactyls but the magnificent sandhill cranes, visible as specs over the golden prairie, but their slow wing stroke followed by the quick upflip is a flight pattern that sets them apart from other birds and their size can only be called awesome and their call is beautiful. And the living fossils are mosses pretty much unchanged from the form they have had for ages of time. This time of year, yesterday the last day of calendar winter and today the first day of calendar spring, there really are amazing things to be seen and heard and touched and smelled out there! Get out there and walk in it!

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Anonymous said...'s the skinny, I really admire your willingness to get out there and experience and appreciate nature! You are an inspiration to us all!