Sunday, February 8, 2009

I Buy Art at WomanSong

WomanSong has music and drumming and talks and workshops and vendors who are musicians and artists.
I try to buy a little something. I wish I could buy more. This past WomanSong, we were thick in the middle of building the house so all the money was going there. But I bought this piece from Suzie. Isn't is amazing? I was fresh into crows last year. So was Susie. Still am. Send me a crow story or a crow poem or some crow artwork, please! This one has a mama crow and many baby crows all out on a limb. In the nest, there is a beautiful egg, unhatched. I guess permanently that way. The name of the piece is "Mother Can't Fix Everything." There is joy in the world, and a little sadness too. Great things happen to us, but once in a while we lose something too.

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Susie Ewinger said...

Thanks for the posting of my work. I didn't get a photo of that piece for some reason. do you have it hung yet?