Saturday, February 21, 2009

Some of My Heroes

They take my class. They say nice things to me. They say nice things about me. But they knew about WomanSong before I did! They were there one maybe two years before I even heard of it! They are smart and funny and fun and kind. The one in the cool layers and amazing scarves performs on stage, playing guitar and singing! Wow! A real artist! And she takes my class! I am wearing lots of scarves this year in honor of her. It makes me feel more expressive, more womanly, more . . . like I am finding my song! Thank you, women of WomanSong and see you in September!

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Michelle Steinwand said...

Karma! What beautiful words and pictures. Thank YOU for helping to make WomanSong all that is and most everything I love... creativity, art, music, books, nature, amazing women, gathering, dreaming, imagining, healing, connecting, family & friends!