Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Living at WomanSong

I lived for several days here, again last September. At the camp ground at Park Rapids in LaMoure County. WomanSong is held in the adjacent park. At the campground, there are restrooms and showers. There is running water that has good flavor. There is an electrical outlet at some campsites.
This is my house. I love to sleep in it when it is raining, but I hate to get up and go out in the night to . . . well, you know . . . when it is raining.

This is my kitchen. I have a cooler of ice for Mountain Dews and another for things like fruit and cheese and opened jars of salsa. I can make coffee, hot chocolate, tea, oatmeal, heat up soup, and make any number of dehydrated camping meals. This morning, I had preserves on English muffins and coffee and fresh strawberries while I reviewed the event schedule.
This is the neighborhood. There is hardly anyone when I arrive a couple days before the event, and it is packed for the event, and hardly anyone at all the night after the event. Life is good!

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