Sunday, February 22, 2009

My Scarf Painting Class

They all whine and say "I am not an artist" or "I am not very creative" or "I can't draw". I show them a few basic skills and teach them a few little tricks and each of them, every single one of them, makes something beautiful! I teach a technique, show them how I do it, and yet, look at the variety and diversity of beautiful designs they made! Each was unique and uniquely beautiful! Everyone is an artist! Everyone can create! Each day of your life is a creation! Everyone can draw with a few tips and a little practice! You can do it too! You have beauty and art and music and joy in you! Let it out! Let it shine!

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carrie heath said...

I love the positivity (is that a word?) in your world! Come visit sometime - I may have to head down that way again and see you.

Talk to you soon!@

Carrie Heath