Tuesday, June 16, 2009


The screens are installed and the windows are open!
There is a fine storm brewing so the wind is blowing through the house and I can hear the rustling of the trees and it is exactly like I imagined it would be oh so very long ago when I first started designing it!
I wanted it to be like camping, only indoors. I mean by that that I want it to have the amazing views of nature and night sky and the morning light and the evening light and the sounds of the trees and the birds and the coolness of the moving air that makes you feel like you are sleeping in the great wonderful magnificent outdoors, but that you get to sleep on a comfy mattress and use convenient . . . um, restroom facilities, and nice showers in the morning. And there is a refrigerator for cold Dew and ice and a stove and running water. The very best of camping without the nasty inconveniences! Oh, I am so happy indeed! I am camping tonight indoors!

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