Tuesday, June 9, 2009

It Is Gone Now

It was the first rose of the season. A white climbing rose that is in too much shade under the now-grown serviceberry tree by the back door. It needs to be moved to a sunnier location which will make my family happy since it snags jackets and heads on the way to the workshop in the garage. This pretty flower is gone now, because we had a hard drenching rain that tore off the delicate petals. But for a few short days, it was very very beautiful. Especially when the low angled afternoon light caught the white petals and turned them a soft orangy pink and gave the shadows a tinge of blue, and made the petals seem to glow from within. This rose was subtly sweetly fragrant for those willing get close enough. There are buds and there will be more roses one day soon! But this first one was sweet indeed!

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