Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Writing On The Hand

I must have gotten in serious trouble for writing on my hand in grade school with Mrs. Buchanan, because this feels so WRONG to me, so very very wrong. Or maybe my mother the former school teacher or my grandmother the school principal impressed on me that it was forbidden thing. But my son taught me that this is the perfect answer for certain situations. When he is at school and there is something that me MUST remember for the next day, he writes it in ink on his hand. You cannot forget it in your locker like you can a note and you can't lose it in your pocket or backpack or drop it on the floor or lose it in some other unknown manner. You can't forget to read it like you can a message left for yourself on your phone. It sticks with you through the evening and lingers even after your morning shower, so if is something you need to remember to do in the morning, writing on the hand is the perfect solution. It is also the green solution, as it wastes no paper. So when my other son's girlfriend gave me fresh eggs to take on my almost three weeks stint up north, I did not want to forget to take them out of the refrigerator to take them with me in the morning. And I did not! Thanks to the writing on the hand.

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