Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Because the oldest son had gone on a trip with the Boy Scouts, it was just the youngest boy and I. We chose to camp and hike under the redwoods instead of one of our usual Arizona destinations. Have you ever BEEN in a redwood forest? If so, you will agree that to look up at those massive giants and think that they are plants grown from a small seed holds you in a constant state of amazement. Plus there were beautiful ferns on the forest floor and raindrops on leaf tips and panoramic vistas. We camped under redwoods. At their trunks, next to a fallen one even. Amazing. Magnificent. Beautiful. Awesome. On yet another amazing scenic drive, we had stopped at yet another breathtaking vista and I was saying “Oh, look . . . ” and Boy Wonder interrupts with “Yes, I know, Mom. It’s so beautiful. You’re so happy! Mom, you are like a golden retriever!” Well, so, is there anything WRONG with that?


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Mom Cat said...

Beautiful pics as usual! Hey, at least a golden retriever isn't one of those annoying small dogs. Does that make you a bitch after all or just bitchy?