Friday, February 29, 2008

Why Three Crows?

I keep wondering why I often see crows in threes along the side of the road. I asked a friend who knows about nature if he knew why and he said “Because they are too smart to hang out ON the road?” Not exactly part of the question I wanted answered, so when I was up half the night with sinus issues, I did a little reading.
There seems to be two kinds of three-member crow families.
In one, one of the kid crows hangs out with the mom crow and the dad crow to help raise the young the next year. Sometimes, it goes off then to find a mate and one of the new young stays. Sometimes though, it stays and all the new young move on. Or form their own group nearby to find mates the following year. Probably making fun of the one that stayed home with mom and dad so long.
In the other kind of three-crow family, when a male finds a mate, its brother may set up housekeeping with the couple until it finds its own mate, or if the first male dies, the brother may stay and mate with the female. Jeeze. for lazy!
One bit of crow natural history I found in my late-night reading was distubing to me: Crow males are dominant. Might we need to form a few NOWC (National Org. for Women Crows) groups and work that 'problem'?

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Mom Cat said...

Luckily you didn't see ravens. In Russian lore, seeing 3 ravens together was an omen that death would follow. I have the story if you care to read it!