Saturday, February 9, 2008

Things About Grandma G

Grandma was the principal at a school and had the biggest ring of keys I have ever seen. She would let us play with it sometimes.
Grandma had jewelry boxes of beads and pins and earrings and a giant tin of buttons in her dark mysterious bedroom.
Grandma held us on her lap or had us sit right next to her and read books to us.
Grandma let us color and draw on her coffee table.
Grandma was known and loved by everyone in town because she was a school teacher and people told us that and we felt loved by everyone in town by extension.
Grandma had books sent to use from a book club and brought us books when she went to town.
Grandma brought us art supplies from the teacher store.
Grandma was a flapper when she was young. There were pictures.
Grandma grew African violets.
Grandma was cool and modern because she had a telephone way before we did.
Grandma let us watch The Monkees instead of one of her favorite shows when our dad would not because Gunsmoke was on at the same time.
Grandma kept our baby teeth in glass pill bottles.
Grandma once stopped a cat fight with a broom in about 2 seconds.
Grandma had diverse and exotic musical taste due to giant record sets with music from many eras.

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