Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Things to think about while waiting for your fast food lunch that isn't going to be fast because you didn't get around to going out until well after the lunch hour and so nothing was cooked:
1) Is there anything that says "There was bad weather and now it is gone" quite like the black and white of snow covered winter trees against a blue blue sky?
2) Why do the clouds in different layers sometimes go at different speeds so that you can see clouds move past clouds and what is it like at the place where the differently speeded layers meet?
3) In a world of a full spectrum of available colors, why did 80% of the people parked in the hardware store lot choose a silver car?
4) If you are a gang member, is the fence enclosing a garbage dumpster REALLY the best place to declare your pride and allegiance to your organization?
5) Is the row of straggly stick straight drab green arborvitaes on two sides of the garbage enclosure really a) hiding anything and b) better to look at than the fence or even the dumpster itself?
6) Will I remember any of this by the time I get home to type it in?


Mom Cat said...

You're so philosophical while waiting for lunch! I do love the picture, though.

The Kept Woman said...

But the good news about the whole lunch thing is that you get hot, fresh food...just, you know, a little perk.