Thursday, July 24, 2008

Guests in Town

My guests were impressed with the story of how the women who run the gallery two doors down had saved an historically significant area in town to make it into an art school, so they wanted to see it. We headed down the hill to walk around the place. It took us many times longer than I expected because I had forgotten that in addition to being historic and pretty and quaint and interesting, the place was also a botanical wonderland to my nurseryman friend, with its many species of native plants and old fashioned perennials and landscape shrubs. We sniffed the dayliles and lillies, brushing bright orange pollen on our noses and cheeks. We ate the jewel weed seeds and the wild black rasberries, staining our lips and hands with purple juice. What a sight we three must have been when we emerged back onto the sidewalk. I hope we didn't frighten any passersby!

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