Saturday, July 19, 2008

One Crow

There is a crow alone tonight. We were headed south on 23 with long shadows crossing the road. As we crested a hill, we saw them there, near the center line. feasting on some very flat roadkill. She took flight, arcing over the trees. He flapped his wings, rose, then dropped back to the pavement. Why? Did he misjudge the angle of the wind, did he take our little car as too small to be a threat, did the low angle of the sun confuse him? At the last second, he rose again to be slammed into our grill. I saw a tumble of wings in the rearview mirror. Did she know and fly on away? Or did she come back and linger near the lifeless body to make sure? There is a crow alone out there tonight.


Paddle said...

Hey, wait a minute... How do you know it was the "he" that got whacked? And isn't there supposed to be a 3rd crow somewhere?

goprairie said...

well, it probably WAS a mated pair, this much i know about crow behavior, but i had to apply all the human gender biases that i harbor in order to assign pronouns to the individuals, and you really don't WANT to know why i chose the ones i did. and this is all fiction anyway, remember?