Thursday, July 31, 2008

Ingenuity 3

There have been some big storms recently, and one tore off half of the very tall tree and dumped it squarely on the box of the black pickup truck, crushing the box. Some of the giant logs left from when that half-tree was cut up can be seen in the background on the lawn at the right. The owner of the truck wasted no time in replacing the crushed pickup box with a new one made of . . . wood.


Paddle said...

I remember seeing that truck minutes after the tree fell on it. It looked like a gonner. Glad to see it having a new life!

goprairie said...

I love that he keeps parking it right there in the same place where the tree fell on it.

Paddle said...

ah, it was in the driveway when it got whacked.... (not on the street)