Wednesday, November 19, 2008

An Act of Bad Parenting Which I Regret (Deeply)

"Defenestration: The art of throwing someone or something out of a window."

My son had a stuffed duck named Penny Nicky that was his all time favorite and when we were cleaning windows once, he wanted to see if she could fly. So we humored him and told him to go down to the yard and catch her. He positioned himself under the window and I let her go in a case of serious misjudgement of location and season. He missed in his attempt to catch her and she landed on the grass which turned out to be a thin veil between air and mud. So after her failed flying lesson she had to go for a romping swim in the tiny spa in the basement and then a tumble in the tiny wind tunnel next to it.

I do wonder if the boy has scars from any of it.

1 comment:

Gene Redlin said...

Probably no serious scars.

You did good with your kids.