Sunday, November 23, 2008


I say this every year, so apologies to those of you who will find this a repeat. But Thanksgiving pisses me off. Everyone ponders for a bit the things they are thankful for and the religious say a prayer or two to thank God for those things and then we move on. Well, what a bunch of bull hockey.
What is the point of that prayerful thankfulness. If you believe in an all-knowing God, do you think your list is anything NEW? Sure, it might be good for YOU to list those things and feel some grateful emotion and it might make you be nicer to certain people in the future. But if you MEAN it, why don't you thank the people you are actually thankful to? Thank your family for some specific things. Thank your neighbors for being neighborly. Think of the thing you most value each of your best friends for and thank them for it. Thank your kids' teachers and your co-workers and the guy who fixes your car. Thank your favorite cashier at the grocery store and the people who keep your favorite club going and anyone else you might have listed in you thank you to God. But thank them directly. Leave God out it it. Send an email. A quick note in the mail. Make a phone call. God probably doesn't care to hear it. They will.
There, I have done my annual Thanksgiving venting.


goprairie said...

Wow, I kinda lost it on that one. Now I gotta do some of that myself.
Thanks, readers - I would do this anyway, but it is fun to know you are out there.
Thanks especially, commenters - that part is the funnest.
Thanks, kids - you are the best.
Thanks, paddle guy, no details tho.
Thanks, friends, for the support and the help and caring and just being there.

Chuckles said...

And thank YOU for the occasional slap upside the head and thought-provoking comments.

Point of clarification - isn't the correct term "horse hockey"? Or, is it "bull puckey"? I'm trusting you to once again set me straight.

Oh, and for your Thanksgiving reading, here a post titled Happy UnThanksgiving.

Not exactly a happy story, but, hey, that's reality for you.