Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Camping - In The House

I have a flushing toilet. I have a stove. I have a refrigerator. I have a functioning furnace. I have lights in most rooms and outlets to plug task lights into in others.
I am sleeping on a camping air mattress, a Big Agnes multi-chamber to be specific. It is quite comfy except for the getting down and standing back up parts. My joints are older than I am and too old for that. I have a sound system that plays a flash memory card so I don't have to worry about sawdust ruining it. I have my laptop and internet service via a cable to the phone jack.
Here's the gripe: I don't have running water indoors. For a few days, I had a bucket and a water hose from the outdoor spigot on the front deck. I could wash my face and brush my teeth there and get water to drink. Now it is winter and the hose is frozen, so I have to leave the deck and walk in the mud around to the dark side of the house to get water. Not gonna happen after dark. Huh-uh. And winter not only means the hose is frozen, but it means it gets dark about mid afternoon now.
I bought angel hair pasta and meat flavor pasta sauce at Menard's today when I went for building supplies. Oh shut up, they have a nice little grocery section if you are willing to want what they have. I really wanted to cook in my almost-complete kitchen.
So I dumped ice from the refrigerator ice maker into a pot and heated it to a boil to make my pasta. It works. And I use Lysol wipes to wash my hands and face. Probably not that good for the skin, but better than intestinal woes from germs, I suspect. And not that much worse for the hands than the primer, the paint, the varnish, the construction glue, the tile-set mortar, and the tile sealer that have coated them at various times or simultaneously in the last couple weeks.
I can't wait for Thanksgiving so I can get away from all this for a few days and go sleep in a tent in the wilderness where we pump water through a filter out of streams and use cat holes for, well, you know.
I might need a vacation after my camping vacation from my working on the house vacation.

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