Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Ode to the Stonemason

My friend and neighbor in Mineral Point was working on the stone wall of the building right next to mine, so I wrote him this little thing and posted it on the window, facing out. so he would find it when he was on his scaffolding the next day:

The Ode to the Stonemason

Warm of heart and rough of hand,
He builds the walls
That grace our land.

He is one lifetime on this earth,
But his art will stand
And grow in worth.

His challenge to each to do their best
That their works too
Pass what time will test.


Chuckles said...

His reaction?

goprairie said...

a three word email thanks - he is not one to gush but i am sure he was simultaneously amused and touched - he was trying really really hard not to mess up my landscaping and worried i was mad at him even tho it was not his fault he was hired to tuck point the neighbor's building - so i hoped it would reinforce that i was not mad at him about the mess - and really, compared to other tuckpointers and the devastation the left, he was very careful and tidy.

roland Sardeson said...

Who is that clown? Could he even read?