Friday, May 29, 2009

Damn Redbuds!

This is one of the prettiest scenes ever that I have never been able to photograph to my satisfaction. Lacking real telephoto lenses, my point and shoot gives results only as good as this. The right way to shoot it would be from a boat in the middle of the pond, which is prohibited by Arboretum rules.
Who's with me on this caper during redbud season 2010?


Chuckles said...

As pictures of serene tranquility go it's okay. I still think it would be cool if the green trees were purple and the "red" buds were fuchsia and the sky was black, but, hey, that's just me.

I'm definitely with you on the caper, perhaps not in body, but certainly in spirit...

goprairie said...

Now I know why the class of 76 was not much tempted by rampant drug use. You guys in the 60's used them all up. There is a genetic mutation that makes corn leaves purple, well, dark burgundy.

Gene Redlin said...

Hijack Alert...

To plants people.

I had profuse lush flowers on my Chokecherry TREE. Yes I grow it up as a tree, not a shrub. 25 feet tall and 6" diameter trunk.

This morning I noticed that almost NONE of the flowers set fruit. This is a wind pollinated plant. We had wind, but not that much to blow the flowers off. And, yes it has been cold, but not so cold that it should have frozen them off.

The apple trees set fruit well.

We did almost lose our redbud and jap maple to the cold. No flowers at all on the Flowering dogwood.

I don't like what I see. I think we are in for a very very long cold spell. It might change fruit sets.

goprairie said...

Prunu virginiana is listed as a small tree to 30' in most reference I have seen. Are you sure it has bloomed already? There would be no fruit if it has not flowered yet.

Gene Redlin said...



Yes, it did bloom. And there are a paltry few fruit set.

But not many.

What's interesting is in my nursery in pots the fruit set on the container plants that are about 5' tall is good and full.

Why would the tree fail? This puzzles me.

And, I liked your flora and fauna post. Detail. Pretty photos.

I'm planting a hummingbird garden for a friend and found that the white single weigelia is a favorite of the little birds.

Beautiful plant. Flowers a long time.

I need to find one.