Friday, May 15, 2009

From The Road

Travelling the winding hilly roads is a special joy this time of year.
The American plums were in frothy blossom and the oaks were just leafing out, giving them a pale mint green soft focus effect, a giddy change from their stark winter sculptural bareness. Last fall's harvest had been mostly turned under, rendering the black stripes of fields darker, and the recent rain had turned the green stripes brilliantly emerald. With no time to stop and take real photos like I felt called to do, I could only snap out my window now and then and hope to capture some small bit of the wonder that is spring-at-long-last in rural Wisconsin.


Chuckles said...

"I could only snap out my window now and then..." - be careful out there, this can be addicting. "Oh, I'll just wait a split second more for a nice composition" and before you know it the road curves and you're in the ditch. From personal experience (well, all but the ditch part, but I was headed that way) - on our way into St. Louis I tried taking shots of the Arch and caught myself getting WAY too involved with photographing and WAY too not involved with driving.

goprairie said...

well, go see the dang arch then!! how far away can it be??? road trip!!!