Monday, October 6, 2008

Bamboo Flooring

The living room and dining room bays and the kitchen will be floored with bamboo. Stalks of bamboo canes are crushed, impregnated with a resin, and pressed with heat into boards that are milled into flooring, making it very hard and durable. A process called carbonization makes the flooring a darker richer color: There is sugar in the bamboo canes and when heated, in this case by being steamed, the sugar caramelizes and turns darker, so the color is the same through the entire floor board. Once the flooring is in the kitchen, the cabinet installation can begin and the kitchen will begin to be a kitchen.

1 comment:

Gene Redlin said...

If I ever do a new floor again in my kitchen, it will be bamboo.

I wasn't aware it was resin impregnated.

I always thought it was just a hard wood.