Thursday, October 2, 2008

Presidential Wishes

Just returned from a stretch of days driving around rural and small town Wisconsin, and I have to say that I am impressed. It is quite one thing to say yes when some campaign worker shows up at your door and asks to post one of those regulation pre-fab curbside signs on your property. That is one way to show your lukewarm support of a candidate. But it takes another level of support entirely to paint your own sign or have your own banner made at the fast sign place. And the number of citizen-made signs out there indicating support of Barrack Obama made me happy and hopeful indeed!


Gene Redlin said...

The problem with voting in Wisconsin or Illinois is the margins are so great. It's not that your vote doesn't count, I just doesn't matter.

Wisconsin is Obama Territory.

If I were there and voted for Palin it wouldn't matter.

BUT you have inspired me to put up my "Panin and that Guy - 2008" sign. Hand made.

It might not matter in IL but perhaps a few folks will know that it could if we hung together.

It's a long long way to the election. Carter, Mondale, Gore and Kerry were all well ahead of Reagan, Bush1, Bush 2 at this point in the election.

I still have hope.

Gene Redlin said...

Just a question, if you have moderation why have the letter thingy. You are going to and should kill off anything you don't want published just as I do.

Isn't it redundant? Just asking.

goprairie said...

voting: that is not the problem with voting in illinois or wisconsin. it is the problem with voting anywhere you are not part of the majority. how do you think someone with the good sense to be in favor of obama feels if they live in that solid red stripe from ND to TX? in the same way that your erroneous vote in IL will not 'matter', niether will theirs matter in one of those states. it is a 'defect' of the electoral college system. never hurts to hope but in november, when your guy has lost, just remember to accept defeat gracefully and stop bashing him, okay?

goprairie said...

the letter thingy keeps auto spammers from posting a bunch of comments that i would have to deal with - moderation prevents icky ones from getting published and the letter thingy prevents bulk comments being generated that i have to deal with. sorry to inconvenience you.

Gene Redlin said...

I have two blogs and somehow apparently blogger has stopped the auto spamming. I get none anymore. I just moderate both of them.

I'm not inconvenienced. I was just wondering.

I'm off to a long morning at church, starts at 8, ends at noon. Such is life in ministry.

I will have to post about digging trees by hand at 63 years old. Didn't think it was as hard as I remembered.

goprairie said...

well, i turned off the word verification thingy just to give you commenters a break and within a few hours, had 12 comments from some dork with an equipment sales and rental company. so it is back on thanks to the spamming by the dork. i hope his excavator engine blows a head gasket today. i hope he can't get replacement parts for 3 days. i hope he gets bad tuna in his lunch sandwich.