Sunday, October 26, 2008

Wisconsin Diorama

Sometimes my part of of Wisconsin is so pretty, it begins to look a little fake to me in its perfect brilliance. There was a museum in Chicago that had nature dioramas. Nooks in the wall behind glass windows contained scale models that were meticulously crafted to portray scenes from nature. They had a richly detailed foreground of an ecosystem of native plants, and a painted background of sky and horizon, and a middle ground representing how the ecosystem fit into the larger picture of the surrounding landscape. This roadside scene is very much like a diorama of the sumac fencerow.

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Anonymous said...

O, I miss the Midwest!!
Fall is so lovely there. Everything is turning brown here... still beautiful, of course, but the desert is going slowly dormant and life has to be found higher in the mountains.
~M the sheep girl