Monday, October 27, 2008

Leaf on the Water

"Leaf on the water,
Tumble and spin.
Where are you going?
Where have been?
Drawn by the current,
Touched by the wind.
Leaf on the water."

So goes the refrain of the lovely song by friend and singer/songwriter Sammy from Miami. The leaves of autumn always bring to me a bit of nostalgia and introspective analysis of the past, recent and long gone, while the wind and activity of the movement of the leaves sends thoughts forward to what might come, what might be changing, ways I might grow.
Our little lake is not as still as it might seem, for it is really just a stream taking break from its quick rushing along. In the end, our lake water is still flowing, and each fallen leave has a chance to float on down the lake and over the narrow spillway to speed along in the fast flowing stream beyond. Waves from the wind or a late fishing boat may beach it or catch it in an eddy or flip it and cause it to edge into the water and slip below the surface. Or it could skate along the surface and end up across the lake and around the bend, at a new and unpredicted place far from the tree from which it fell.
Really, anything can happen. Whether we choose and do our best to guide the events of the future or whether we let things happen as they may and go with the flow, something will happen. What will it be and where will it lead?


Anonymous said...

so very very pretty.

Shellmo said...

just beautiful fall photos today!!