Friday, August 15, 2008

At Rock Harbor

The ferry boat harbor was the end of the trail. I hit the flush toilets with their running water and shopped the camp store. I found canned peaches to satisfy my fruit craving and cheese to satisfy my salt craving and the most wonderful food of all, ice cold soda pop. We shared the cheese with some backpackers we had met up with at various points on the trail and visited with at a couple campsites, then set out to find the Boy Scouts, assuming they had beat us on the rocky shoreline trail, but they were not there yet. So we snuck into the harbor cafe to get some non-dehydrated food cooked over an actual stove. After they found us we caught up on the day's news. Because my knee was beginning to hurt a bit, I decided I had better get in my missing mile before I couldn't move anymore, so we headed off on a trail farther on toward the tip of the island, where we found more magnificent views. On the way back, we encountered a huge woodpecker, the kind that must have inspired the cartoon Woody. Shortly after returning from that walk that put me ahead of my 50 miles to qualify me for my second Boy Scout patch, my knee suddenly stopped working and I could not go up or down stairs and could barely walk at all on a slope. Everyone else went back to camp to set up and I stayed at the harbor to wait for them for dinner and the ranger talk.

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